Plunkett Point to Lime Bay

Friday 20 June 08

The whole day was delightfully fine and calm, with initial patches of morning fog about. On arrival at the Coalmines site near Saltwater River the fog was just starting to lift and after leaving cars at Lime Bay we started off via Plunkett Point though the tea tree dominated scrub to Ironstone Bay. It seemed that the fog had lifted but as soon as we crossed the headland to Monk Bay it was met again. When I arrived at the western end of the beach Dave was already there and had started lunch and soon after the fog cleared away. The remainder of the walk was in bright sun, it got quite warm and jumpers were put away in the packs and probably the only thing to complain about was the glare reflected off the calm water.

David invited us to view his house at White Beach and we were all quite impressed; not really expecting to see either such a large place or the amount of work that gone into the garden. Soon after an equally impressive sunset we headed off to The Mussel Boys for a delightfully cooked meal. Between us we chose pork fillets, beef, lamb fillets and venison and everyone's plate was cleaned off fully, so it looked like all found the meals edible.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my boots, socks, gaiters and hat along on the walk, but as the ground was dry and the track fairly good I got by OK. I'll have to pay more attention to that check list in future.

Click here for photos of the walk