Buckland Gorge

Friday 27 June 08

Off road NW of Buckland

For the first time in about two months Hobart had decent rainfall and some showers were still about on the Friday that this walk was due to go. Thoughts of slippery rock and wet scrub were cause for some concern, and at the first rocks encountered the difficulty of walking on them was all too apparent as Philip slid into a pool and Wendy and Sue had trouble crossing over a slab. When the Bluff River was reached all agreed that keeping to the high ground above the gorge was the best option and we were able to enjoy the bush up there with glimpses of the gorge country from time to time. By good fortune we managed the second crossing of the Bluff River at an easy location and proceeded around some steep hills before crossing the old sand mining area and eventually pickling up a taped route past cliffs and caves to meet the exit point for the walk.

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  1. Hi Peter
    Can you recommend a good map for this walk?

  2. There is the 1:25k Woodsdale TasMap
    But I can email you a map with the track marked.


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