Grasstree Hill

Friday 13 June 08

Walk in the Meehan Range

On this walk we left the main Risdon Brook circuit track after the prominent bay and where a offshoot track leads to a gate. Once over the gate it was just a matter of following the mostly distinct old vehicle track to a junction with a higher grade track. Earlier we had heard trail bikes in the distance but were quite surprised when two bikes appeared along the way we had come, they headed off downhill in the opposite direction to us.

From the junction we turned east then on arrival at a fence followed a rougher vehicle track steeply uphill
where it ended at the top of the hill and from then on it was a matter of picking the easiest route to the over to a fence line and eventually up to the Grasstree summit. A vehicle track headed north then west and on leaving this track we headed south over the hilltops to reach another rough vehicle track but it would appear if we had continued for another 80-100 m
etres we would have got onto a better track that would take us out. However the one we took was fine and eventually lead to the north western end of Risdon Brook Dam.

View from slopes above Risdon Brook

Grasstree but over a kilometre from Grasstree Hill