Fairy Falls & Featherstone Cascades

Thursday 25 August 2022

This was a walk to see a couple of rarely visited waterfalls on the lower slopes of the mountain.  The first one being Fairy Falls, an unofficial name, which is reached from a pad branching off the Lower Sawmill Track. It is quite reasonable going, initially uphill for about half the distance before contouring to the waterfall.    Quite a nice little fall.

Fairy Falls


The next one is Featherstone Cascades which is on a track that starts from the Betts Vale Track soon after O’Gradys Falls.   Evidently it was a quite popular destination in the early days of Hobart with a substantial zigzag track, parts of which are still visible. Most of the way was distinct although a couple of times we had to negotiate fallen trees.  
The remainder of the walk was up Betts Vale Track and down Lower Sawmill to the cars at Strickland Avenue

Featherstone Cascades


Note the old track zig zagging up beside Featherstone Cascades


 There is a photo album


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