Chauncy Vale Cliffs November 2021

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Unfortunately, Dave was not able to come on the walk, but the route he suggested was known and I think followed.    After walking to a junction, I turned on to the right-hand track without taking any real notice of the sign and had gone nearly 200 metres before it dawned on me that we were going in the wrong direction, so a bit of backtracking was required.  

After ascending to the top of the cliffs we walked to the eastern end and dropped down further than the last occasion, until we were under a large cliff.  After a short distance the huge height of the cliff became apparent, and we also became aware of the noise of falcons flying overhead that were clearly disturbed by our presence.      The white droppings way up the cliff were noticed and it looked like the site had been used over a period of many years.  We moved on and again came upon a falcon site, but the birds were not so annoyed, nevertheless we continued on to leave them in peace.

A gully, with a lot of stinging nettles, had to be crossed to more cliff lines and eventually the track was reached, and followed to our starting point.

The elapsed time was 4:45 with lunch and morning tea and the distance walked was 6.5k

A photo album is online.


Edge of cliffs


View up with falcons nest with white droppings

Boronia anemonifolia

Falcon alarmed at our presence

Long way to the top


Ledge under cliff


Honeycomb like sandstone

Route of this walk marked in blue