Mount Montagu

Tuesday 20 February

The track is along the eastern flank of Thark Ridge then climbs to a saddle.  At this point it follows the ridge top through very pleasant snow gum country before dropping through a rocky section to a heath plain to the southern end of Thark. The track is mostly quite distinct to where it meets the end of an old fire trail, however the last kilometre was now getting quite overgrown and had to be pushed through in parts.
Mount Montagu

All along the Thark Ridge part of the walk there was mist but this cleared soon after dropping off the ridge and from then on we had a sunny day. The temperature was mild and pleasant with virtually no wind.  It was easy relaxing on the Mount Montagu summit and this was made even more so by the fact that pesky insects, such as march flies and mosquitoes were not present. But the 3 hours walk ahead eventually forced us to start back.
Devils Throne on far left and Thark Ridge at centre
Collins Bonnet

On Montagu summit

Thark Ridge

Mount Montagu from Thark Ridge

Cathedral Rock and  Montagu Thumbs from Thark Ridge

Whilst on the summit we could hear a distant helicopter sound and the source was revealed when we reached the Springs. A helicopter was lifting bags of material to the Organ Pipes track, but even the noise wasn’t sufficient to cause us not to enjoy a coffee on this delightfully pleasant afternoon.