Cape Direction

Sunday 10 September 2017
A short walk along the Blessington Track, which has not been there long, at least in this upgraded form.  At the end of gravelled track, Fort Beach was walked and this was quite soft and somewhat tedious to trudge, for the first third but then became firmer and the going much nicer.
Rocky shoreline at Fort Beach

Derwent River, kununyi/ Mount Wellington from Fort Beach

Wellington from Fort Beach

Fort Beach

Iron Pot Pot Bay

Rock platform Pot Bay

At the end of the beach, access is allowed to Cape Deliverance within military establishment of Fort Direction and this leads on to Pot Beach.  After traversing some of the rocky platforms a difficult bit was reached but we went up onto the headland for some good views of the Iron  Pot.

Return was by the same route.

Distance 8k and walking time 2:30