Clyde River Gorge

Tuesday 22 August 2017

This was a walk that I didn’t have much idea what it might be like. It crossed farmland to a waterfall, named Falls of Clyde on the map. The falls were bigger than imagined and had a large pool below.  Beyond that we could see a gorge and walked along the top, descended at the far end and proceeded to walk through.  The cliffs were quite big in one section and there were numerous patches of white stain from we assume birds of prey.
Falls of Clyde

Cliffs of Clyde River gorge

Cliffs with bird stains

Lunch above the falls

Old Eucalypt

However, the gorge was very weedy and invaded with willow and gorse and of course the water was murky.  It did make me wonder what it must have been like before the country was developed for agriculture.  The land pays a huge price for development, it would have been great if more land had been spared.

Heading to Nant - photo Greg Bell
After the walk which took about 3:30 with lunch for the 7 kilometres, we drove to Nant for a pleasant coffee in comfortable surroundings.  Many of the buildings were historical and most interesting with a working water wheel.