Mays Beach via Coast

We had walked from Cremorne to Calverts Hill on a geocaching excursion and wondered at the time if it was feasible to continue on to Mays Beach and Lauderdale.  A couple of months later Sue noticed that Pandani bushwalkers were doing that trip and then by chance saw that a group from U3A had written up a northern end circuit. So we decided to try the Pandani route from Cremorne and knew that although a big section was crown land there was a private farm to cross.  We made the assumption that Pandani either got permission or were aware that the owner didn’t mind.

Mays Beach

The walk initially followed Cremorne Beach then climbed to a headland along a gradually diminishing pad to corner fence where the large parcel of former farmland now crown land was reached. The 900 metre crossing was through quite tall dry grass then much lower grass over the private farm.  A pad followed high above the coast until reaching the bush of a coastal reserve where a track took us down to Mays Beach.  The beach is quite nice and at the far end a public access track gives access from Lauderdale.
After lunch at the end of the beach we retraced our route.


In all it was 12.5k (although this included a short walk to a high point further north) and took 4:50 with lunch included.  The actual walk in was 1:50 hours and return walk 2:00 hours

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Mays Beach