Mount Field West

Wednesday 1 February 2012
A few days prior to this walk the forecast was most favourable, but by the time arrived this had changed bit to indicate a somewhat cloudy day. In fact a lot of mist was hanging about and didn’t really clear much during the walk. Over the part over the high plateau of cushion plants to summit visibility was fairly low and of course only fleeting glimpses were had of any mountains in the distance.
Still there was no rain and it was pleasant walking weather.
There is a geocache near the summit which was an added bonus, for Adrian and myself. By one of those coincidences Greg K noticed it when previously visiting Field West and was the person who was first to find this cache even though completely unaware of geocaching. After we explained about the hobby it seemed that Greg was not convinced that geocaching had a much value as a recreation.
It took us 4 hours to get to Field West including a morning tea break.
Mountain Rocket seed heads dripping in moisture
Mountain Rocket
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Mount Field West 2012


  1. Another geocaching fan! My daughters I and have started hunting down a few caches - a lot of fun!

    That Mountain Rocket looks amazing.

    Cheers, Andrew


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