South Freycinet

Sunday 9 November 08 Friday 7 November 08

After travelling via the lagoons between Hazards and wineglass last year we decided that would be the route to take on this walk. It was quite different however, because all the lagoons were completely dry, whereas there was plenty of water in all but the furthest west one last time. It did mean that we could walk in a fairly direct line to join the end of Hazards Beach. The flowers on the stretch between there and Cooks were quite good, especially the Thryptomene and Kunzia which were starting to put on a good display.

The continued erosion of the backing dunes and heathland behind Cooks was most noticeable and the same was observed at Bryans and to a lesser extent at Passage beaches the following day. The hut at Cooks was looking much better than of old after restoration work and now had a veranda reinstalled. There was ample water in the one tank connected. The main drawback from camping virtually anywhere on Freycinet was the pesky mosquitoes.

Our middle day was spent walking to Passage Beach and ascending a ridge for spectacular views of the southern end of Freycinet and over to Schouten Island. On return the sky to the west looked ominously dark and the rain arrived soon after we commenced the walk between Bryans and Cooks. The water tank at Cooks was overflowing and two wombats were enjoying drinking from the puddles as we sheltered under the veranda. It is also worth mentioning that at the north western end of Bryans a large sea eagle was perched on a tree limb checking out the country.

On out first night at Cooks we were the only residents but this time there were 5 other parties camped there; quite a contrast. The Friday forecast was for rain developing in the northwest and spreading during the day, but the morning was clear blue skies which enable a pleasant walk out. Again we decided to go via the lagoons, but this time along the western flank and then along the final stretch of Hazards Beach and along the coastal track. Although cloud gathered more and more during the day we were out before any rain started. In fact it did not arrive until we were past Swansea.
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Freycinet Peninsula 2008