Pinestone Valley

26 – 29 January 2011

We went in from the end of the Maggs spur road, after lunch, and soon after crossing  the first creek I realised that we shouldn't be going uphill so much.  I had thought the track to Lake McCoy left at the end of a logging track, but  I was mistaken and on retracing my steps discovered that if I had been more observant I would have seen a marker for the track to Pelion going straight ahead.  So that wasted 30 minutes or so before reaching the creek flowing out of the nice valley leading to the foot of Mt Pillinger and our campsite for the night at Wurragarra Creek.

Cloud built up over night and it remained that way for the remainder of the day until a light shower started as we got close to the Pinestone valley campsite.   It did not last long and this enabled us to cook and have tea in the open, but a much heavier shower caught us out just as we were finishing our cup of tea.  This was all in accord with the weather forecast, as was the next morning when we looked out to be greeted by the predicted fine day.

Wandering about the beautiful area of marsupial lawns, pines, pools and just simply stunning scenery  occupied  the morning.  The afternoon was spent moving camp to the plateau on the eastern end of Doris where there are great views, and it was most pleasant in the calm and sunny conditions where we were able to cook and have tea sitting on the edge of the scarp.   We managed to get a fairly early start next morning and walked out in a fine and somewhat warmer day.

We arrived at Mole Creek and stopped at the newly opened Café Bozzey, which had good coffee and cake at very reasonable prices.  It put us in mind of the service and quality of the Possum Shed at Westerway near Mt Field  and we certainly hope to stop there again on future trips.  Our other stop was for tea at Campbell Town where we discovered Café 100, which had good food on offer.  When driving up first day we also stopped at Campbell Town at Red Bridge Café, so as well as a bushwalk to a lovely area, there was also nice refreshment places along the way.


Mt Ossa

Mt Ossa from Pinestone Valley


Cathedral from Mt Doris

Cathedral Mt from Mt Doris

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