Budawangs and Blue Mts

We spent much of September walking whilst holidaying in New South wales, visiting the Blue Mountains and later The Budawangs in Morton NP.

On the way a couple of days were spent in The Warby Ranges (near Glenrowan and a known haunt of Ned Kelly) and Weddin Mt NP a dry area in central NSW with gullies and on return called in to do a walk in the Cathedral Range SP in Victoria.

The Blue Mountains offer many walking opportunities and on this our secoind visit we were able to walk on different tracks without repeating any from the previous time. Spectacular cliff country.

We did a 5 day walk from the Wog Wog entrance to the Budawangs via Corang Perak and Arch then through the valleys to climb Mt Tarn and a spectailar day into the Monolith Valley. Some aspects of the country reminded us of South West Tasmania, with buttongrass, plains and scrub.

Photos are on the web at the Picasa site and also at Jalbum (which has quite nice presentaion software).


  1. Serious bushwalking you have been doing, Peter.
    The Budawangs shots on Jalbum look very good.


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