Mt Connection

Thursday 21 February 08

High cloud and no breeze made for pleasant walking and we noted some bags of rocks ready to do more track work through the wet areas on the plain on the approach to Connection. Pentachondra was in flower on the side of the mountain and once on top we strolled about the summit area between The Lectern and Pulpit Rock before returning to the track and retracing our steps to the old fire trail below Thark Ridge.

To make a change we made our way up on to Thark, mostly missing the worst of the screes and passing a few really delightful areas of snow gum that looked so inviting to sit and enjoy the scenery and environment. Once on the top we sidled to join the Big Bend FT at Mt Arthur. This enjoyable diversion took about 1:45 which is about double the time on the track.

View of Mt Connection from Thark Ridge and distant Collins Bonnet

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