Flat Rock from Chauncy Vale

Flat Rock walk Wednesday 10 October 07

Dave was sick and he looked as bad as he sounded too, so Nigel and I went searching for Flat rock and Alpha Pinnacle via map and GPS. We went via Guvys Lagoon to Devils Elbow and then followed old logging tracks onto Flat Rock where there was lots of Tetratheca in flower and soon this will be joined by the plentiful bushes of Golden Rosemary. The forest in this area was very nice despite being once logged and there were lots of snig tracks, but recovery has been good and in time will not be very visible. Old stumps were noticeable but not enough to spoil the scene, expect in a few spots where more recent woodhooking had taken place.

We were aware that there was insufficient time to get to Alpha Pinnacle Reserve, but after getting through the maze of old tracks we found ourselves at the foot of a very old and overgrown track leading up the valley to the reserve. However our belief now is that the best approach would be to stay higher and use a hill to the west. It would also be quicker to avoid the Guvys track and stay on the old vehicle track going past the devils elbow.

A notable incident occurred on the return in a large black snake frantically trying to avoid me stepping on it. It attempted to climb a rock between Nigel and myself, causing us to give it a bit of space.