Gunners Quoin Risdon Hills

Tuesday 12 September 2017
This was supposed to be a walk to Fryingpan Hills, but the imminent arrival of showers persuaded us the eastern shore would be a more congenial area. Although Gunners Quoin was the destination, the route to get there was quite different from the usual way. Part way along the way we branched off and headed to the high hilltops and once there we were able to have the pleasure of walking over flat open woodland before arcing towards Gunners. 

Eucalypts in open forest

By now we had picked up a rough vehicle track which wound through country with a dense low understory with masses of Epacris; unfortunately, not yet flowering apart from a few exceptions.
Track through with Epacris both side. Neville and Adrain ahead

Greg and Neville on Gunners Quoin
After Gunners Quoin we ventured out to Madmans Hill, where the first drops of rain commenced. Down to Saggy Flats where more consistent, but nevertheless light, rain began falling. It had more of less stopped by the time we reached the car. During the last leg, we encountered a great many wallaby beside the track above the dam.

Distance 17.2  k and it took 6 ½ hours all up.

Distance: 17.14 km      Avg. moving speed: 2.99 km/h
Total ascent: 826 m     Total descent: 829 m
Total time: 6:25:25.0     Moving time: 5:39:17.0