North Walls

13-15 March 2019
Walls of Jerusalem

Delaying for 2 days meant we could take advantage of fine weather for the whole trip.A very beneficial move as it would be better such lovely conditions for walking in the high country.

After Trappers Hut we branched off through Golden Gate and past George Howes Lake to Tiger Lake for a view of Solitary Mans Hut. From there the route was over the gently flowing Fish River to Lake Nixon, where some thick scrub was encountered. Campsites weren’t as plentiful as I thought, but we had no problem finding a flat dry one.

North from there at a small reedy lake we turned east and followed a valley with a huge pine forested slope rising to Mersey Bluff.It was along here that I chanced to look behind me to find a Tiger snake beside my boot. It kept a watch on me as I quickly hopped away.

At the end of the valley we turned south and walked to Lake Wilson, through a gully where a barrier of scrub was eventually met. Lake Thor came into sight and we trudged up the V…

Cheyne Range 2004

Saturday 9 - Wednesday 13 October 2004 We walked on the good track from Lake St Clair past Shadow Lake and up the rock scree of Little Hugel, before leaving the track behind as weheaded down through forest to the very headwaters of the Franklin River to camp.

A fine and beautiful Sunday was spent strolling through the gorgeous alpine valleys with tarns, pines, snow gums and lakes before climbing to the top of the Cheyne Range and a camp by a small lake with a foreshore of cushion plants backed by a ridge thick with pencil pines.

Although the next day started out fine it became windy and a high cloud crept in taking the sparkle out of the day.In fact the wind made it a little tricky getting over the boulders on top of the northern peak of Mt Gell.A scrubby ridge leads off Gell to a lake shaped roughly like a map of Australia where we arrived at 3PM and debated whether to go on to the Franklin River.This involved a 200 metre climb then a sharp 400 metre descent and about 150 metres dow…

Mount Bridges Feb 2019


Mount Arthur Jan 2019

3 and 6 January 2019

It took two attempts to locate the SAMA hut on Mount Arthur. All the cairns and a real maze of pads there didn’t help either.

On the first trip I though the hut would be easily found.But right from the start things didn’t go as expected because I used a pad which I thought was the one used just a few weeks ago, only to find myself above the Scout Hut rather than below as before; somehow missed the junction. Then when looking for SAMA hut pads were followed but none seemed right. Eventually it was decided that the pad we were on was the one that went below cliffs to Lost world, so didn’t continue.There were numerous pads and cairns about often going nowhere.Eventually we decided to leave and come back armed with coordinates and a GPS.

Once the map and the various bits of data were viewed it became quite apparent that SAMA and the pad to it was further to the east by about 100 metres. On this second visit with coordinates in the GPS it was quite easy to get to the hut …

Colourful Scoparia

Shadow Lake 26-27 December 2018

After enjoying the walk through the high valley between Mount Rufus and Hugel in April 2016, we decided it would be a good time to visit again when the scoparia was in flower. Our initial plan was thwarted by the weather, but two weeks later it seemed ideal and we set out, but with a different strategy.Instead of three days we opted for two with the intent of walking to the valley on the second day and then collecting the tent on way back and continuing to the car at Cynthia Bay.This worked out well and as the first day was only as far as Shadow Lake, we stopped at The Wall in Derwent Bridge, where we also had lunch.The carvings at The Wall are now almost complete.

It was warm going up to Shadow Lake where we used a very sheltered campsite, cooked tea then took a stroll to forgotten Lake. The effort of what was a half day of

Two out of Three

Waterfalls On Marriotts CreekTuesday 11 December 2018

It was hoped to visit the three waterfalls on Marriotts Creek. This arose following an enquiry about the third waterfall at Marriotts. It prompted me to look back at my old slide photos and I do have one which I have scanned.  It is marked as the third waterfall and it does look smaller that the other two falls, which is the way I remember it.  However, it looks more impressive than my memory, but it was taken in 1986 or early 1987 so it is hardly surprising my memory of it is not that good.

It is not a long walk but it was more convoluted getting to the second falls than I remembered and by then 2 hours had elapsed. As the distance and time that would be need to get to the third falls was unknown, a decision was made to go no further.

Often it is shady at waterfalls but below the second fall on Marriotts Creek it was pleasantly light and sunny, although on this warm day we chose the dappled shade at the edge for lunch. The falls wer…

Not Where I thought I Was

Friday 30 November 2018

This is a story that I could have just kept quiet, but really it's quite amusing so I thought I might as well share it.

I started out from The Springs on the Lenah Valley track and located the turn off to the Kara and Retreat track. When I walked up to the Kara Hut I didn't take much notice of it as I had seen it many a time and just headed off to The Retreat,  however I hadn't gone far when things didn't look right.  I backtracked, went back again and still nothing looked quite right so  I searched around and then, not finding anything familiar,  eventually followed what was an obvious track but it definitely didn't seem right, nevertheless I followed it and it eventually just got to a creek and stopped.   On  returning to Kara frustrated, I decided if I can't find it I'll go up to Pinnacle Road and back down the Retreat track.  A long way of getting there of course, but  when I got to Pinnacle Road I thought it strange as I though…