Basin Hills

Tuesday 15 August  It was sunny during the walk which was nice as it was Chris’s birthday. Departure was from the PWS access way from Sycamore Road in Risdon Vale and apart from a bike track early on, the climb to the top of Basin hills was on a vehicle track.
Once up there it is mostly fairly level with just a few undulations. Early on we diverted to a cliff that unfortunately has been targeted by riffraff to push cars over. 

A further kilometre from there we again left the main route to circle along a small cliff to through pleasant skinny Eucalypts, mostly risdonii we think.

A short 60 metres in height climb followed to the high point of the walk. The surrounding area was prominent with Grasstrees and was much less tracked. Shortly after the downhill commenced which included a delightful wide sandstone slab section kept naturally open by very shallow soil. 
Lunch was enjoyed here in the sun before the final descent to the valley floor and the return along rutted tracks to the Risdon Va…

A Steep Mistake

Craigow HillOn our last visit to the Belbins Road end of the Meehan Range a track marked Caves Hill was noticed and that is what brought us here this time.  Obviously, the track is created for bikes but being a weekday meant it was low use.
The prior walk to Craigow was 2005, and after reaching the saddle between Flagstaff and Eagle Hills it was reasonably familiar, apart from not remembering having to negotiate a fence twice. At the second fence line, there was a gate and then we were on the Craigow Hill property and it was most apparent that it was managed in a manner leaving the bush in a nicer state. Our lunch spot was in a patch of grasstrees making it sheltered with pleasing surrounds. This was the far point of the journey and marked where the other part of circuit started for the return to the start.
It was very steep down from Craigow and we missed the descent track used last time.  Although a pile of rocks was noticed the track we were on was very distinct and it was not until …

Warm Going Up Slippery Down

Ice House Circuit
11 July 2017
Much of the day was sunny with misty cloud at times.  We went up on the ice House Track with the steady ascent making walking quite warm.  Snow was met well before the top and crossing to the zig Zag Track was crunchy and pleasant in such calm conditions.

Once on the downhill it was slippery due to the compressed snow from the volume of users. Up until then we had mostly untouched snow to walk on which was vastly more pleasant and easier. We were keen to view the upgraded Organ Pipes Track, expecting that it would be completed to the junction with the Pinnacle Track.  So, it was a surprise to find it had not even got as far as the Sawmill Track junction.  The little bit that we managed to see was a much higher track standard than expected; in fact, probably higher than warranted and this might be one of the reasons it is taking longer than advertised.  So far about 1.2k has been done which leaves a further 860 metres to go to the Pinnacle Track junction.


Denmans Cove

A case of two distinctly different grades of track Sunday 2 July 2017 It had been 14 years since we walked to Denmans Cove and from some reports we expected it to be more overgrown than previously.  It seemed a bit worse, but not as bad feared. We did make one decision that went through the most difficult section unnecessarily. This came about when we followed tapes close to the end that took us past a short easy track directly to the Denmans beach. The longer scrubbier way was no doubt there for times when the tide made the short cut unviable. The short way was used on return without any trouble. Back in 2003 a wider track beside a cleared area was used to get to Stinking Bay, but now a walking track through forest brought us onto the coast about 600 metres from the beach. This took close to 40 minutes  and another 1:25 to Denmans, excluding morning drink break. Views were good along the way, but Denmans Cove was in shade and was not going to get any sun during mid winter. The Three Cap…

A Changed Track - Cape Raoul

Saturday 1 July 2017 It is now a quite different experience walking to Cape Raoul now that the track has been upgraded, although it was far from finished. The initial early part is predominantly gravel with a little boardwalk and means the slippery mud is now thankfully thing of the past. From the creek crossing it is all gravel and winds up to the Raoul lookout, but on the descent after there some large zig zags have been added and maybe just a bit more than needed. It was still under construction as was long sections between there and cape Raoul. It was pleasing to see the track will continue under the casuarinas but that section was always good walking and it seems a great waste of resource and money ripping through it to add gravel. The same can be said for the last part where the track crosses the heathland before the cape, where the old track has been dug up and rocks removed.  This seems to be very much overdone and again unnecessary and expensive, whereas a little gravel toppin…

Meehan Range Redgate Section

28  June  2017

Went on a walk up the climb to traverse the ridge near Simmons Hill before arcing  along the opposite ridge leading back east.

It was hoped that a track would take us down to near the start in String Bark Gully, but the one found was on private property for most of the way until a house could be spotted a short distance ahead. At this point we veered away and just walked through untracked bush to the bottom.

Lichen Hill 2017

Tuesday 16 May 2017
With the ever decreasing daylight at this time of year, it was good to be back in Hobart before darkness descended. This a bonus as it is not pleasant driving the Sorell to Cambridge section with a host of headlights whizzing towards you. This even after stopping for a coffee.

We went up Pirates and Plateau roads with the vehicle and could have driven to the start of the walk as the barrier was not in use and the final bit of road quite reasonable.
The walk only has a gentle climb or two and was pleasant. The country lived up to its name with much lichen accompanied by patches of fungi. The last little bit from the junction with Balts Spur track and Tatnells Hill was overgrown. It was on Tatnells for lunch with good views although it somewhat cloudy.

It took a shade over two hours each way for the11k return distance. In hindsight, we could have reduced 2k from this by driving along the last bit of road to the track start.
Most of the walk is with Tasman National Park o…