Fryingpan Hills Illa Cliffs

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Many years ago, I went on a walk with Dave Tucker to Fryingpan Hills and just over 10 years ago went to Mount Charles via Midsky Swamp. When viewed from Gumtop Ridge the cliffs at the edge of the hills look most spectacular and this was the attraction in going there on this walk.
Greg and Adrian at clifftop

Initially is was uphill along a 4wd track, followed by a dip to a creek and a climb back up to finish at the clifftop. The last 200 metres was through bush after leaving the track and soon dryer vegetation was reached on the sloping land taking us down to the cliff edge. An easy way was found ending in a severe drop at the clifftop.  It was quite advantageous as it was one of better spots for views and, with the sun out made it enticing to stop for quite a while and take an early lunch.  

Cliff overhang

Cyathodes glauca Cheeseberry

Colouration on sheltered rock face

Cliffs on Gumtop Ridge side of valley

View down to a ledge

We had followed the track from Denis of Hiking South East Tasmania blog and judging by his photos we reached the same spot. Getting down to below the large cliffs would have been difficult but probably feasible
Illa cliffs with Greg just visible in dark clothes at the top.

From Jefferys Track it took 2 hours to reach our destination.  Incidentally Jefferys Track was originally made by a J Doran and finished in March 1842, but was named after ex-British aristocrat, Molesworth Jeffery who “drew up a beautiful map of the area surrounding the track “.

A photo album  is at this link or click image below

Fryingpan HillsFryingpan Hills

10.40 km
    Average speed:
2.22 km/h
Total ascent:
512 m
    Avg. moving speed:
3.09 km/h
Total descent:
548 m

Total time:
    Moving time: