Tarn Shelf 2016

13 September 2016

Quite a lot of cloud cloaked the high ground and it was mighty cold when we started walking and a light smattering of snow encased the trees and bushes. It wasn’t until getting inside Rodway hut that the we escaped from the cold, but amazingly as soon as we departed, after a drink and snack, the sun came out.  Luckily it remained that way for the remainder of the day, making for fine scenic views of the shelf and Rodway Range.
Tarn Shelf pool and Rodway Range

Lunch location

Before ducking down to Twilight Tarn, we stopped for a lunch in the sun near Twisted Tarn, with the Rodway Range as a lovely backdrop. It wasn’t all that long before the long haul up from lake Webster had to be tackled.   After that we opted to walk along the vehicle track beside Lake Dobson and whilst Pat contained on that way, Dave and I went down the track to the HWC hut and followed the old and now overgrowing pad closer to the lake.

On the Tarn Shelf

Total time including breaks 6:40 (actual walking time 5:30
Distance 15.5k


  1. Quite different from when I did the walk in February some years ago with clear skies and needing only a shirt and shorts. It is a beautiful walk.


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