Murderers Gully

Sunday 25 September 2016

Small cave below the rim

Gorge rim

A short, but popular, walk to a sandstone gorge in the southern Midlands. It involved walking over paddocks off Lovely Banks Road and a very gentle and short descent into Murderers Gully. The starting time was set to allow us to get to the end of the gully, have lunch before returning by either the same route or via the overhangs and cliff rim.  Most chose the latter where we had a number of interesting rock features and nice slabby rock making easy walking along the rim.

Chris suggested stopping for coffee at an old church at Pontville turned into a restaurant.  The staff at Twelve Stones were welcoming and extremely obliging. Despite there being 12 of us they did not find that a problem at all and quickly arranged for tables to be joined together.  Most impressive and the coffee and food were good too.