Johnsons Hill

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Now the ascent to Johnsons Hill was very steep and even the gentlest descent we could see was also steep. Part way down the land levelled out and it was much easier going to the southern gully, although as we discovered it was the northern one that had by far the best caves. Unfortunately, then access to this latter gully was choked with Gorse and a clamber up on the side was needed to get to the destination.
Cave in northern gully

I had mistaken the meeting place for the walk, thinking it was in Kempton, and it as we drove past Dysart when we noticed Dave’s car and had to make a quick exit from the highway. Then soon after we got to the start of the walk a car pulled up and it was Alan, who we didn’t know was coming and had been waiting at Kempton. As no one turned up at Kempton Alan decided to drive out to see if he could find us and we were very glad he did. 

Alan and Dave crossing the flat

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