Montagu Thumbs Falls Circuit

22 January 2013
Top of Wellington FallsThe option we chose to visit some caches Top of Wellington Falls along the ridges and peaks overlooking the North West Bay River was by riding our bikes along the Pipeline Track then walking circuit via Wellington Falls, Montagu Thumbs and Cathedral Rock. After parking the bikes the three of us, Adrian, Dave  Peter set off on the well-built track to the falls, after that the rough track to the old Montagu fire trail was used. The last part of this is getting overgrown by Bauera as was parts of the old fire trail. There had been some overnight rain and the bushes were quite wet to push through. It was good going along the Thumbs cathedral ridge, Mount Montagu from the Falls track although parts are starting to degrade from use, then down the zig zags to North West Bay River in the rain. After crossing we then struggled up the Siphon track, which is an almost unrelenting grunt for nearly 800 metres at a 1:3 gradient. No wonder we were tired by the time we got on our bikes for the return ride to Neika.
View back to the high point on Montagu Thumbs.  Adrian Blackman in foreground

Falls Montagu Thumbs Circuit