Split Rock Mount Hobbs

Tuesday 30 May 2023

I had kept an eye on the weather forecast but it had been constantly showery on the mountain, which was the location of a walk that Graham had suggested. Further east was projected to be OK on the other hand, and that is what prevailed.

One place that fitted was Split Rock at Mount Hobbs near Levendale. I had never been there and had two starting points, but was uncertain about road access. The shorter walk got dropped when a “no through road” sign confirmed doubts about approaching from the Levendale side, leaving the longer walk option as the choice.

The walk was up an old logging road and there was plenty of evidence of past logging, but the forest had recovered fairly well. The road got steeper in the upper part of Mount Hobbs until the junction to Split Rock was reached.

At this point the understory was not thick and passage along a clear pad, marked with somewhat overfrequent ribbons, was easy. It ended at the split and without much hesitation Graham went first of those wishing to squeeze their way through the gap. Getting out at the end was a tight scrambling heave.

The summit was visited after lunch but is not an attractive sight with numerous communication towers.

More open woodland on the dry well drained edge


Graham's blue of pack just visible in the distance

View up from in split


View from top down the split

View down to split near entranc 

Exit of split  at narrow gap bottom left

Flat rock top

Another split pillar

Profile Mount Hobbs inc Split Rock where lunch break was. 
  There is a glitch on descent with sudden jump in elevation