Quoin Mountain


Tuesday 20 June 2023

The last and only previous walk to Quoin Mountain struck snow falling once we got near the plateau on top and the temperature dropped dramatically, and we didn’t hang around. This time it was cold, but with clear sky and pleasant when in the sun. It was estimated that about 2:30 would be needed to get to the end point, but by the time we got to the lunch spot 2:45 had already elapsed.

To get there the walk followed on old vehicle track then a logging road before leaving it for the scrub. At top of the ascent a plateau was reached and an old logging access track discovered and followed to reach a vehicle track that was marked on the map. Eventually we left this for a high point and, on seeing how far left to the cliff top and the scrub in entailed traversing, decided to both have lunch and make this the turnround point.

However, when back on the old logging track, we decided to follow it and soon realised it headed towards the high point at the cliff edge. This spurred us on to there and found there was a trig. After looking around for a while, we headed back to the cars.

Interestingly what was almost 500 metres in a straight line, from the spot to trig, turned out to be a distance travelled to be a shade over 1k. Just shows how actual on ground walking can differ. Also on looking at the map the contour at the lunch spot was slightly higher than at the trig and my GPS also had us slightly higher at that point as well.

All up an elapsed time of 6:40 for 13.5k


Bushes on cliff

Isolated tor

Mossy rock

Rock top


Quoin Mountain route

Quoin Mountain plateau route

 There is a photo album at this link or click on image below


Quoin Mountain 

Quoin Mountain