Trestle Traverse

  Thursday 1 December 2022


This was not the conventional Trestle Mountain walk, as it included the traverse of the summit ridge and descended by way of Fools Tarn.  The return was along the fire trail, which especially the first part below Trestle was most colourful with numerous plants in flower. it a short diversion to a small valley of pineapple grass.

The walk was 15k and took 8 hours.


On summit crest of Trestle Mountain

Richea dracophylla

Pineapple Grass   Astelia alpina

Oxylobium ellipticum  Golden Rosemary

Plateau at end of Trestle

Fools Tarn

  There is a photo album online


Trestle Mountain Traverse 2022 

Trestle Mountain Traverse 2022


  1. Adrian Bol26 March, 2023

    I only ever found one pandanus on the Wellington Plateau and this was last year about 200 mtr South of Fools Tarn on Pond Plain


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