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 Saturday 3 December 2022

Earlier this year we came upon Foxgloves on the slope below South Wellington. It was in January this year that they were found and there could be new seedlings there now, or there might even be another patch that wasn’t spotted.
Ponds on South Wellington plateau

To get there involved a walk of about 2:30, somewhat longer than anticipated. The last 200 metres or so are a bit rough and needed care. Once at the site there was no sign of foxgloves, but unfortunately the rock where they were could not be found. On the original trip the GPS stopped recording before and after the location and just the photo location had to be used. This would normally be accurate, but sometimes it can be a bit out, which may be be the case here.
A different return walk was used and with the warm day it made it a harder and longer walk than expected. In all it was 9.6k and took about seven and a quarter hours. 
Morning break among the snow gums

Rock where Foxgloves found in Jan 2022  and a match to this could not be found in Dec 2022


Shaped rock south Wellington

Map of route taken   Foxglove site is marked


  1. So you went across my favourite Mt Wellington destination; Persephone Ponds. You are right about it being quite a walk you did.
    I know of the location you are describing for the foxgloves and will have a look when I am next in the neighbourhood. Pretty amazing they were spotted the first time as not many visitors to that area.

    1. If you do go there note the rock in the photo above and the coords. It should be not far away. The Foxgloves were spotted when coming from below and what would look to be the easiest way up would have been the route taken.


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