Redgate Hills and Cliffs

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Redgate is the name applied to the Parks & Wildlife eastern section of the Meehan Range. A couple of years ago I noticed, from a distance, what appears to be some small cliffs on the south side of the gully, now known as Air Force Gully replacing Stringy Bark in 2019. The aim of the walk was to see if on closer inspection there are cliffs at the spot or just sloping bare earth. According to the geological map the area is siltstone with thin beds of sandstone.

It was a sunny and pleasant day, and by the time we arrived at search location, quite warm.   There were cliffs and a few caves, one of \which was big enough to enter.  We continued along the base of them for 560m and that took about 40 minutes.   Lunch was on top and then started the return walk via the higher cliffs on the opposite side of the ridge, before heading back to the cars.

Large Eucalypt Simmons Hill


Redgate cliifs



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Redgate Cliffs 

Redgate Cliffs


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