Johnstons Knob

 Tuesday 20 September

This walk followed the climbers track to be base of the Organ Pipes then continued north on scrubby but mostly obvious pad along the base to a buttress known to rock climbers as Far North and just beyond the spire known as Johnstons Knob was reached.

Historical records mention Johnstons Lookout was discovered by the family of council clerk A. W. (Cecil) Johnston.    But the 1935 Hodgman map shows a Johnstons Lookout on the Organ Pipes Track, so this probably not the Knob.    On the other hand, Ron Smith's 1941 shows a Haywoods Peak at about the spot of Johnsons Knob.

Back to the walk, and from the bottom of the buttress a pad leading up a steep and at times up and over boulders.   When last here in 2014 a ladder had been installed to help get up on a ledge, but even so it was still tricky to get up.  After a couple more encounters with rock faces we were out in the open above the Organ Pipes. 

After lunch a circuitous route was followed to the summit and then down the Zig Zag where some recently upgraded track was met after the bends, but a lot remains to be done.   We also noted a couple of new gates at the top, possibly to close the track when it is icy.  

 The walk took 5:20 and was 8.3k


North Buttress with a climber bottom of photo



Climbing up l;adder


Lunch spot above Big Gully


 There is a photo album online

Johnstons Knob Organ Pipes 

Johnstons Knob Organ Pipes

Profile of walk



  1. Hi Peter. Thanks for your blog, which is both informative and inspiring. So, inspired as I was I did the Johnston's Knob walk today and thoroughly enjoyed it whilst at times wetting myself.
    Just before the ladder there is a narrow gap between rocks to the right, covered by a roof formed by a fallen rock. When I looked through there on the other side of the rocks I found a very old piece of pink (blanched} tape tied to a shrub/tree. I thought this may have been an indication of the way to go but before checking that out I discovered the ladder and continued that way. Would/could there have been a variation to the route up which as been eclipsed since the ladder was installed?


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