Jubilee Ridge

 Tuesday 19 July 2022

From the Cascade Track we turned onto the Lower Luge track then used the Crosscut multiuse track to Middle Fire Trail. Crosscut has a lot of zig zags which adds a tedious aspect, but several short cuts were availed to lessen that. As we headed towards the Jubilee Ridge track a distinct track was spotted but ended soon with a keep out sign, seemingly because of the obvious damage that had been caused by bikes. On checking the map we realised it was not the ridge we wanted and proceeded to walk in the direction it should be, crossing a creek and eventually locating the pad, some parts being faint but further up it became more pronounced. By the North South Track snow became prominent and made crossing the 200 metres of boulders to the Lenah Valley Track tiring and tricky.

Going up had been quite warm, but once on the level walking to Junction Cabin it felt markedly colder and lunch at the cabin need a couple of extra layers of clothing. Even with this the moisture in our clothes remained, so we didn’t warm up much, until part way down Myrtle Gully.

Approx. 10k 5hr 


Oakes Falls Myrtle Gully


The pad was fairly indisntinct at this point

Crossing the snow covered boulder field