Breakneck and Middle Island Circuit

Monday 25 July 2022

Just before reaching the Breakneck Track, Neville spotted the ruins of Cluster Grove hut.  I didn’t know the name at the time but have since got information from Maria Grist.    Up off the side of Breakneck came a visit to Madison and off the other side of the ridge to Musk Hut with its intact chimney.   

Next came Lakins Lair and lunch at Crocodile Rock, before heading down Middle Island track and exiting it via Falls and other hut sites.

The history and photos of huts can be found at Maria and John Grist’s website. More details on individual huts is under the Documents heading.

Thanks Neville for organising this walk.   It was about 9.6k and took a bit over 5 hours


Cluster Grove

Water basin for Madison hut
Musk Hut chimney

Old eucalypt trunk at Wiggins Salte Quarry

Ferns near Junction Cabin

Large Eucalypt Middle Island track

Falls Hut site

For the full photo album click here.

The huts as they were. 

For more information visit Maria and John Grist's website

Cluster Grove





  1. Awesome find, I remember reading the hut mountain book when I was young, well I still am at 36 lol


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