Lake Judd Feb 2022

 Friday 4 February 2022

The forecast had been consistent all week and turned out be very accurate, with a day of mostly clear sky and mild temperature.  By 10:00 am it was 13 degrees and had reached 21 by the time we were back at the cars. Insects were of minimal nuisance with just a few March flies at the end of the walk.
The new hardened track made walking so much easier, with lots of planking and gravel filled steps, allowing us to get to Lake Judd in 2:30 of walking and back an even quicker 2:10.   In fact I needed to extend my stride to avoid falling too far behind on the return.
The scenery, despite some burnt and ugly bush, is superb.   Once on the track I had a feeling of missing being in the southwest for quite some time and it necessitated frequent photo stops.  As the second crossing of the Anne River is approached, the mountains surrounding Lake Judd with mighty cliffs provide a glimpse of what lies ahead.   They soon disappear as the forest is entered and the climb to the damming moraine before the final stunning reappearance on reaching the lake shore. 


Heading down to Anne River

 Schnells Ridge

Quartz rock on Schnells Ridge

Blandfordia punicea


Cliffs of Eliza and Francis Bluff and Mount Lot


Lake Judd and Mount Eliza

 A photo album is online

Lake Judd Feb 2022 

Lake Judd Feb 2022