Haywoods Red PaintTrack

 Wednesday 9 February
It was a fine day with sun and mild temperatures.  It was several years since I had gone up this route and after me struggling to see the red paint splashes, Alan took over the lead which was a relief and it didn’t take all that long to reach the route junction.  We opted for the left one to the top of the Organ Pipes.

The original route was marked in the early 1900's by Haywood and records show this to be in existence by 1931 and in 1942 with a 1957 report describing it as a blazed and cairned route over large tumbled boulders – 'recommended only for walkers wearing nailed boots' (Aves). However, it can't be certain the route marked about 2008/9 with red paint on the rocks is in fact on the original route

Whether we were on or anywhere near the original Haywoods route is unknown. 

It is a dramatic scene once at the top of the sheer cliffs and to our surprise there was a tight rope set up between a gap where someone with a lot of daring crosses.   Following lunch, we followed markers to the summit and descended by the Zig Zag Track.

There is a photo album

Organ Pipes cliffs

Tight rope between cliffs

Senecio pinnatifolius var alpinus

Upright slab