Lost World Mount Arthur

Tuesday 14 November 2017
Quite a hot day, but it wasn’t until we got down to lower altitudes in the afternoon that it was particularly noticeable.  Nevertheless, we sweated a good deal from the start of the walk.
Lost World at Mount Arthur

Once above the sandstone cliffs on the Old Hobartian track the golden rosemary and cheeseberries were in abundance and delightful. It was good to reach the Lost World as that signalled the end of the up for a while and a break for lunch. First though we explored a fissure in the boulders and worked a way into an underground cavern, but a torch would be needed to explore further and probably a rope ladder.
Golden Rosemary 

Oxylobium ellipticum - Golden Rosemary

Resting at Mount Arthur

Cyathodes glauca  - Cheeseberry

Large Eucalypt

Lunchtime entertainment was watching rock climber attempt to scale a cliff, but he hadn’t made it to the top by the time we departed. On reaching the road the choice made was to walk on it to the Chalet and the track then followed down to the carpark. Before doing so an old track was visited where it crossed a scree, thanks to Alan knowing about it.

Above and below - Ascending to the Lost World