Warm Going Up Slippery Down

Ice House Circuit

11 July 2017

Much of the day was sunny with misty cloud at times.  We went up on the ice House Track with the steady ascent making walking quite warm.  Snow was met well before the top and crossing to the zig Zag Track was crunchy and pleasant in such calm conditions.
Ice on gum branches

Ice covered yellow bush

Rime on rock

Boulders at South Wellington

Rime on twigs

Upgraded Organ Pipes Track

Once on the downhill it was slippery due to the compressed snow from the volume of users. Up until then we had mostly untouched snow to walk on which was vastly more pleasant and easier.
We were keen to view the upgraded Organ Pipes Track, expecting that it would be completed to the junction with the Pinnacle Track.  So, it was a surprise to find it had not even got as far as the Sawmill Track junction.  The little bit that we managed to see was a much higher track standard than expected; in fact, probably higher than warranted and this might be one of the reasons it is taking longer than advertised.  So far about 1.2k has been done which leaves a further 860 metres to go to the Pinnacle Track junction.

The springs was reached in the early afternoon enabling us to enjoy a coffee from Lost Freight. 

A photo album is online and can viewed by clicking the image below.
Ice House 2017

Ice House 2017