Denmans Cove

A case of two distinctly different grades of track

Sunday 2 July 2017
It had been 14 years since we walked to Denmans Cove and from some reports we expected it to be more overgrown than previously.  It seemed a bit worse, but not as bad feared. We did make one decision that went through the most difficult section unnecessarily. This came about when we followed tapes close to the end that took us past a short easy track directly to the Denmans beach. The longer scrubbier way was no doubt there for times when the tide made the short cut unviable. The short way was used on return without any trouble.
Euaclypts at Stinking Bay
Back in 2003 a wider track beside a cleared area was used to get to Stinking Bay, but now a walking track through forest brought us onto the coast about 600 metres from the beach. This took close to 40 minutes  and another 1:25 to Denmans, excluding morning drink break.
Three Capes track
Views were good along the way, but Denmans Cove was in shade and was not going to get any sun during mid winter. The Three Capes Track departs from here and the track was followed for about 10 or so minutes to a seat where we had lunch. Whilst there the boat with walkers starting the track came past and we crossed paths with them during our return to the cove.
Denmans Cove

Rocks at Simmonds Creek

Rocks at Stinking Bay

Stinking Bay
The shorter route to the track was used to leave Denmans and there was no problem getting over the creek outlet. From there it just a matter of retracing our inward steps
Actual one way walking time for the 4.7k  to Denamns Cove is about 2 hours.
A photo album can be viewed by clicking the image below.
Denmans CoveDenmans Cove