Yellow cliffs 2015

Wrote this after the walk in 2015 but forgot to post at the time

Tuesday 8 September 2015
Several years ago when a trip to Yellow Cliffs was discussed there was a suggestion of tackling it from Glen Dhu Road, but the conventional approach from Myrtle Forest was chosen. On that trip we actually missed the cliffs because we found a good way up and then realised we had bypassed the cliffs. The plan was to go out via the plateau, Gumtop Ridge and Ringwood fire trail and that part of the walk was achieved.
Today a drizzle persisted in the early morning but it was better up Glen Dhu Road, but what confronted us was a short steep descent to the rivulet followed by a very steep ascent to the cliff line about 300m above. The last part of the road became narrow and slippery and we decided to drive to the end to turn round. A timber residence was perched up the slope and it was decided to knock on the door to seek permission to cross the land; however it seemed no one was home.
Further back at the only possible parking spot, we peered down to the rivulet and took in the effort it would take to get up the slope to the cliffs on other side. The result was plan B, which was hatched up on the spot, and was an attempt to find the road off Collins Cap Road leading to the now closed Glen Dhu fire trail. I could not remember the road name, but the possible ones were not signposted anyway.  The first ended in a locked gate and as we emerged back on the main road, a woman walked past and informed us that it was Nicholls Road that we were after and it was the next one.
Up here it was still drizzling and not encouraging but nevertheless we got the wet weather gear on and set off to investigate .Initially a farm track was followed, but when it turned and headed in the wrong direction, we veered off along a fence line and discovered the track we wanted and this soon lead into bushland.  It was mostly level, quite mossy and with lots of fallen limbs. The previously used access track down to Glen Dhu Rivulet was met after about  ?? and  this had a number of tapes marking the route.  Fire from 2011 ? had had an impact on some parts of the walk but had not got into the wetter section near the rivulet.

The rivulet had a good flow of water and would have been a wet crossing, this plus the time lost dissuaded any attempt to explore even the start of the cliffs.  Instead we had lunch with the ferns protecting us from the light shower now falling and then headed back.  A return this way is now planned for another occasion in the not too distant future and this should give plenty of time for exploring Yellow Cliffs.

Walk in   1:20 in and out 3 k
Glen Dhu Rivulet