Thark Ridge Circuit

Friday 13 February 2015

This walk had a secondary purpose which was to do some geocache maintenance.  Out on the plains that are the headwaters of Mountain River there is an absolutely lovely copse of trees and bush with an open area in the middle. It is a spot we have enjoyed stopping at so many times over the years and we put in a geocache there in 2014, but is was reported as missing. A replacement one was in the pack as we headed down the fire trail from big Bend. 


On the way we noticed a Tiger snake curled up in the sun which had only just come as the clouds cleared away.   Although close to it, the snake did not seem to be aware of our presence and remained curled up. This was the first seen for this summer but this was the first of four for the day; two tigers and two whipsnakes.  In this area a flock of about 20 green rosella flew over and landed in the trees making a cacophony of chatter.
The old overgrown fire trail running south west below Thark was used to bring us to the junction with a track ascending to the saddle on Thark Ridge. At the bottom on the other side a new section of track cuts off a muddy area and as we had placed a geocache beside the old track it needed to be moved to the new one. It was then a pleasant walk all the way back this very good quality bush track.  


Walk distance 7.5k

A photo album is on the web, click the image below to view.

Thark Circuit

Thark Circuit