McGradys Gully

Thursday 15 January 2015
Not a long walk but nevertheless it was 6.5k and took 3 ½ hrs.  The cars were left at the community centre and we walked up the quiet road to the gully, passing a host of car wrecks before doing so. It was fairly typical of the midlands sandstone country with dark soil, patches of bracken and other spots in shade with spindly small trees that could easily be walked under.  After all the rain of the day before, there was a surprisingly low flow in the creeks.
After morning tea under an overhang we went further up the gully before climbing out of the creek onto the north facing side.
Cliff McGradys

Here the vegetation changed markedly, with lots of Boronia and some Ozothamnus and quite open walking along the cliff tops. Then it was down to cross one of the several gullies in the area where we
Greg and Dave in cave
 could see several caves on the cliffs opposite.  Getting down involved an area of stinging nettle and a few of us managed to touch a bit.  My ever so faint touch stung for ages and even that evening I could still feel the effect on my finger tip.
Soon after an early lunch on the top we followed the gum covered hills back to meet the road halfway along leaving a short stroll to the cars remaining.  Coffee was at Brighton.

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McGradys Gully


  1. Anonymous28 May, 2017

    Sounds like an interesting walk. Where is the start? Do you have a GPS of the route you took?


    1. Near Bagdad in the southern Midlands, but it goes over some private land.


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