Fenton Webster Track

Tuesday 20 January 2015
Pleasant section of track besdie lake Fenton
The track between Lakes Fenton and Webster is one of our favourites. Although in the high country it is a fairly protected from the elements and takes you along the side of Lake Fenton where initially there is Fagus then a variety of plant communities including Cheeseberry in flower and the Fagus relative, the evergreen Myrtle at the far end. Beyond is Kangaroo Moor where a lot of Boronia was in flower and also Baeckea.  Up until the end of the moor it is almost level walking, but after crossing a creek it is downhill through shadier forest where the ground level vegetation is dominated by dense Bauera.
Pine-leafed Daisy-bush.Baeckea leptocaulis Slender BaeckeaLemon-scented Boronia,Cheesberry Cyathodes glauca
At the bottom of the track Boronia returns and there is the crossing of the Dobson outflow which soon after joins that from Lake Webster to become the Broad River.
The river was flowing strongly and we took the option of not crossing and picked a lovely Boronia dominated mound to have lunch before returning. 
Lake Fenton from Kangaroo Moor
The 5k walk took   2 ½ hrs which included a pleasant 30 minute stop on Boronia Moor.  The return took close to 2 hours.

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Fenton Webster Track
Fenton Webster Track