Schnells Ridge

Wednesday 27 August 2014
What good fortune we had with a superb sunny and calm late winter day.
About 70 minutes after setting off we were seated for morning tea at the base of the climbing ridge to Schnells before starting on the unrelenting ascent. After 45 minutes of this I was quite looking forward to a breather and Alan mentioned that the spot ahead, with a view over the small tarn, would be a good spot. However when the assumed point was reached we realised there was another level to go and a stop now was preferred. The tarn lookout was a further 15 minutes on and gave a good excuse for another spell.
One of the peaks on the plateau of Schnells
Peak on the high plateau
The first high plateau was reached soon after and at last some views of Smiths Tarn. From here we also appreciated the surrounding mountain ranges with really good views to the Anne Range with Lake Judd at the foot. Further afield were stunning views over Lake Pedder to the Frankland and other ranges whilst to the south the Western and Eastern Arthurs ranges dominated the horizon.
The elapsed time to walk the 6.5k was 3 ½ hours and the return a bit less at just under 3 ¼ hours.

Shadows on the ridge to the south of Schnells

Hills south of Schnells ridge

Unnamed tarn on ridge
Tarn on ridge
The photo album can be viewed by clicking the photo below.
Schnells Ridge
Schnells Ridge photo album


  1. Anonymous17 July, 2022

    Looked this up as out that way tomorrow. I doubt any track remains since fire and probably little use since then. Hoped to find reference point to leave Lake Judd track. Cheers Ian F


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