Sarahs Waterfall

Thursday 7 August 2014
The final plateau leading to the waterfall was very pleasant open eucalypt with spacious low grassland.  The big v shaped valley below the falls was scenic as was the view of Table Mountain, which seemed quite close beyond the trees.   At the start of the walk the breeze was quite chilly but once we had a bit of tree and hill protection conditions became most pleasant, especially when in the sun.
The falls had a reasonable sloping drop of 40 metres and a good flow of water was going over.  The views were particularly good from the sheltered western side which had a number of edges in convenient viewing locations.
The walk started on a logging road then an old vehicle track and eventually through a section of fairly untouched open woodland.  It took almost 1:15 to get there and much the same to return. Although the return distance was 9k the wandering about the falls area added well over another kilometre.

You can view the photo album by clicking the image below.
Sarahs Waterfall

Sarahs Waterfall


  1. Hi Peter. Very interesting. Do you mind telling me (privately or in public) who one asks to get permission to do this, and what the starting point was? I would greatly appreciate knowing.


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