Harry Walker Tier

Thursday 12 December 2013

It was fortunate that the weather for this walk was mild and that the drizzly looking sky to the south didn’t really reach us in any significant way.  The property the walk started from had a host of cars and trucks in various states of demolition.  Initially a paddock with sheep had to be crossed to pick up a 4wd drive track winding up to bush of Harry Walker Tier and eventually we passed from the private land into a PWS reserve.  A walk through open bushland brought us to a depression with a running creek and soon Dave located the sandstone overhangs he was aiming for. Overhang with Dave at far end
Return was via another creek and then up to the cliff edge, which was surprisingly high.  An interesting looking flat was spotted and whilst walking over to it Greg and I became separated from Dave.  We knew he couldn’t have gone ahead because of the cliffs but a search about failed to come up with Dave’s whereabouts.  Greg suggested using a mobile phone to make contact; which is something that we wouldn’t have imagined a possibility only a short few years ago.  This resulted in us being reunited and we were able to get a better appreciation of this flat area we found ourselves on.  It was flat sheet rock of some considerable size overlain by a thin layer of soil, but on top grew an abundance of Baeckea (Euryomyrtus ramosissima), to the exclusion of all else; quite an intriguing site really. 
Baeckea flat  Euryomyrtus ramosissima (Baeckea, Rosy Heath-myrtle) MYRTACEAE Harry Walker TierIt was pleasant walking back along the sandstone top of the tier and some areas had quite a number of small low growing plants together with patches of larger bushes, such as Golden Rosemary. The gums throughout the area were attractive with light silver green leaves

There is a photo album on the web, click the image below to view it.

Harry Walker Tier


  1. Thanks for another great walk description, Peter. GPS's and mobile phones have certainly taken some of the angst out of bush walking. Look forward to more good walks of yours in the future.


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