Bluff River Gorge Revisit 2023

 Monday 2 October 2023

On the walk to Bluff River Gorge at the end of September, I was so impressed by the flowers and thought it worth going back for another look. I had never seen the flowers so prolific; this was especially the case on the eastern side of the Gorge. This walk was just along the western side cliffs as far as the main flowering zone and return, which took about 1:30 hours each way. Although the flora is more striking on the other side it would have made it harder walking and entailed descending to the river and going up to the upper ledges. 


Tafoni    on ceiling

Golden rosemary Oxylobium ellipticum

Rock pattern

Blackeyed Susan  Tetratheca

Wall opening

Natures Garden

Orange segment between dark rock face

Flora on a ledge