Bluff River Gorge

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Spring is a good time to visit Bluff River Gorge as it usually has some nice wildflowers on display, and on this occasion it was the best that I can recall.   The western side was good, but that on the opposite bank was even better.  There was mass flowering of Tetratheca, commonly known as Black Eyed Susan, but there were numerous other plants as well.  

It was a nice sunny day and got quite warm.   The early parts of the track looked to have a reasonable, but not heavy, volume of traffic, but towards the end of the western side of the gorge it didn’t look very worn at all.  It ends at a large open area then descends for the crossing, and this seemed longer than my memory of it.  Once over the river, vegetation was a jumble making it hard to locate the route.  Eventually Jon found it and it was mostly easy to follow from there on.  

Lunch was at a delightful wide ledge with colourful flowers and good clear views to the opposite walls of the gorge.

The walk took almost 6 hours for the 9.8k 

Mass flowering including lots of Tetratheca  Black Eyed Susan




Wave wall

Euryomyrtus (was Baeckea) ramossissima

Flora ledge

Pattern  (tafoni)

Flora on a ledge

Bluff River

Boronia anemonifolia (Stinking Boronia)

Colourful flowers

Track profile

There is a photo album on line, click image below.

Bluff River Gorge 

Bluff River Gorge