Wiggins Area

 Tuesday 1 August 2023

This followed the pad I had noticed, just last month, and it proved to be a better way to the Wiggins area, avoiding the steep and slippery Breakneck Track.   The pad took me to the Musk Hut ruins and it was a short ascent from there to the Wiggins track. The return route taken was via Myrtle Gully Track and on to join the New Town firetrail. I only passed two people all day and one was Neville

Track to Musk Hut

Steps to Musk Hut ruin

Chimney of  Musk Hut

Oakes Falls  also known as Myrtle Gully Falls  on Guy Fawkes Rivulet

Old trunk Myrtle Gully

A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below.

Wiggins Myrtle