Platform Peak

Tuesday 11 July 2023

The weather forecast for the area was a bit uncertain, however it stayed fine.

There is now a bypass of some private property and, compared to when I was last at Platform Peak in 2015, it added an extra 26 minutes to the trip for what was a mere 300 metres distance. This is the total of inward and return, but it is on a rough bush track as against a vehicle track.

The best part of the walk is once the old logging tracks are left and the climb to the southern end of Platform begins. The vegetation is nice on the climb and especially so along the 500 metre long plateau to the highest point on the northern end. As I mentioned in 2015, the Boronia would be delightful in flowering time. A Sheltered rock platform was found just below the top for lunch, with the snowgums adding to the wind barrier. I had forgotten how steep the descent was, meaning we had to take it carefully.

The total time for the 12.8 walk was 5:39 but more than an hour was taken with morning break and lunch.

Bush on way


Boronia bushes

Summit cairn

Track profile - for some reason the lunch break doesn't show

A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below. Platform Peak

Platform Peak