Golden & Simmons Hills Circuit

Tuesday 23 May 2023

The weather for Tuesday sounded to be best on the eastern shore and I thought a walk in the Meehan Range would be a good option. The day remained cloudy but mild and for most of the time we were out of the breeze.,

This walk ascended the central ridge from Belbins Road then went down the dry northern slope of Golden Hill with its covering of Eucalyptus risdonii to Cross Rivulet which was then followed to the western end on an easy foot track. A climb up the side of Simmons Hill was initially gradual but then went up sharply for a short while. Once on top thew high level track was taken back to pick up the ascent ridge used in the morning back to the carpark.

The walk was 9.2k and took 5 hours with breaks.

Pool in Cross Rivulet

Eucalypt woodland E tenuramis & risdonii

Old eucalypt Coss Rivulet valley