Emily Tarn

Thursday 6 April 2023

The weather was really nice and we arrived at the junction with the track to Emily Tarn, expecting it to be a bit scrubby possibly even more so than in the 2019 trip. We could have put away the scrub gloves as it was surprisingly clear going.

Apart from scrambling over a gully with boulders and negotiating a few short wet areas, the walk was not hard going. It took about 2 hours of walking to get to Emily Tarn

Both Emily Tarns and nearby Arthur Tarn are lovely, with Arthur on top of a saddle whilst Emily, the larger one sits at the bottom of a basin. Several moraines plus the craggy cliffs of Hartz Peak all tell of the creation of the tarns.

Lake Esperance moraine

Mount Snowy and Hartz Peak

Grass heads

Bellendena montana   Mountain rocket

Arthur Tarn and cliffs

Cliffs of Hartz Peak

Ewartia meredithae the light green cushion

Emily Tarn and Mount Snowy

Arthur Tarn and Hartz Peak


Recovering cushion plants 2023
Compare to photo below from 2005



 There is a photo album online click here or on image below.


Emily Tarn 2023 

Emily Tarn 2023