Mawson Plateau

Thursday 14 April 2022

The area below Mount Mawson is a very pleasant spot.  It is reached from Wombat Moor using the track to Lake Belcher to the saddle.  Often the track is wet with bogs, but although it was good in parts following the dry summer, there were still several quite wet and boggy lengths.

On arrival at the saddle we then ascended, over a much more bouldery country than was remembered.  It was cloudy with just the hint of sun and quite pleasant walking. Our exit from the plateau was at the ski field and down to Lake Dobson.  That left close to a 2k walk along the road to the car at Wombat Moor.


 A photo album is online


End of Wombat Moor

Rock fractures

Pool Mawson Plateau

Lakes Belton and Belcher