South Wellington Loop Jan 2022

 Tuesday 25 January 2022

It was predicted to be mild temperatures on kunanyi, so the walk was planned to stay high all day. Thick damp fog was met on the drive to the summit, but we were above it by there. Some blue sky was present during the walk through to the Ice House junction, then mist started to roll in.

This was where the track was left and navigation to meet with the pad to the Potato Fields become a bit harder without good visibility. Fortunately, it turned up on cue and was followed for about 700 metres before leaving to walk along a shelf to a point where an ascent to the edge of South Wellington plateau could be made. It is nice country and easy walking by using the many relatively open patches, but it was still misty and the full attraction of the place was less noticeable.

The accent brought us to a spot with several Foxglove which is one of the worst of weeds. This was found in a remote spot in Wellington Park and the only weed spotted anywhere near here. After removing it we continued up to the high point for lunch and by now above any mist. The plateau, still with many pools filled with water, was crossed and eventually the inward track was met for the last kilometre to the carpark.

On the drive back down the mountain we soon came back into thick mist and this continued to well below The Springs.

In all it was 8.3k and took 6:20.

Tors South Wellington

Euphrasia collina

Euphrasia striata

Pimelea sericea

Celmisia saxifraga Snowdaisy

Balancing rock South Wellington

Route taken with gaps where GPS misbehaved.

There is a photo album

South Wellington Jan 2022 

South Wellington Jan 2022